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Soap Haters
Mar 1, 2001 by alexei

slo_bro writes "What is up with soap haters? I have a few that always make fun of Free Style Walking. What do you tell skateboarders and rollerbladers when the are making fun of you?"

Apr 20, 2006 mgm

When you compare soaping to what skates can do soaping does look kind of weak. I'm not saying it is but I can see how they can get that idea. When skaters make fun of soapers they don't get the idea that soaping isn't meant to be taken serious like skating. It's just something to have fun with.

I guss if you run into some noob skaters you could show them up on your soaps.

Check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUs-5MQfSVc&search=aggressive%20skating
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