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Nov 19, 2001 by alexei

brian_fka_marti writes, "I'm currently in the process of making some Soap T-Shirts. However, I'm in need of the Soap 'O' logo, and the 'Soap' logo. If anyone can tell me where I can find these, preferably large, I'll be very grateful...

The news? Well, after I've made a few up, and the demand is great enough, I might start taking orders for you guys..."

alexei adds: Finding those things online is quite a feat, for SoapShoes.com doesn't have any of their own. My best advice is to play the Build Your Own Shoe game, select the "O" logo, and print screen. Then you can go into Photoshop and make it bigger. For anything else, your best bet is try searching on Google.com for "soap shoes logo", and look a variety of online stores.

Now, about taking orders for these shirts. You're actually breaking copyright law, and therefore SOAP can sue you. This was the reason why we ourselves couldn't put the SOAP logo or name on our shirts...
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