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The sheep that bear steel wool have no natural enemies.
Mar 27, 2001 by broox

Tanner_soap writes "Hey, for any of that wax up rails often and the wax bulids up on the rail making you slow down? Have you ever tried getting the wax off? It's a real pain isn't it? Well, just use steel wool! It takes most of the wax off, as long as you use a coarser steel wool. This also works great for getting rust of your screws and getting the bulit-up wax off your plates. This is just my 2 cents on the subject. -Tanner http://web.archive.org/web/20010331030918/http://tanner.islandfsw.com/" Excellent call, i'm sure that will help a lot of us out! This could also be very useful for those rails building up rust. Steal wool works wonders for rusting metal.
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