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Zero Gravity Demo
Mar 30, 2001 by broox

The demo today was a blast! We had guys from all over the place come down. Many of you know brendon(slobro), and taylor (mrwhat) from Wisconsin... Well they made a 5 hour drive just to come to my demo. In fact, Brendon won a pair of shoes, and they both got a lot of cool Soap stuff (videos, keychains, etc). Overall, I would estimate 100 people showed up. All forms of people: guys, girls, beginners, pros, kids, teens, etc. We also got some really good media for the next video which you can expect in late april. Another little bit of good news... there were no serious injuries! But we do have a couple good falls on tape. I also plan on holding another demo later this spring, so keep an eye out for that. And for everyone who came... leave a comment about what you thought about it... and tell all the other people what they missed, hehe. Hey Zach, we're pro.
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Dusty Ryder hittin a UFO on a ledge
Is that a Soap sticker on that car?
Trevor G hittin a Front Side
Ryan Armstrong hittin a Frontside
Jordan hittin a Fakie Freestyle Backslide