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Drag queens
Mar 31, 2007 by kobansora

I'm having so much trouble with them. Even the tutorials on the other Soaps websites don't really help much....

I've like, overwaxed the surfaces where I drag my feet on, and I still don't get the slide. Even when I slide a lot with my leading foot and put more weight on it, the back foot still gets caught...

What's the technique to this?


Mar 31, 2007Surfaced

What shoe are you using to do this?

Mar 31, 2007AnthoFlex

Drag queens arent easy, i can only do them with my Broadsides...(for sum bizarre reason)

But yet, the whole idea is to "Drag" that back foot, you really dunt wanna be puting ANY wieght on it, just a little bit to keep your balance

The best place to practice on would be a box with a round rail on the side...this for example:


With that, you can grind riiight on top of the rail as you would do normally (since you probably feel more confortable with rails than ledges) and drag your foot along

Mar 31, 2007Mart

Why practice drag queens on a box like that when no ledges are constructed in that way? Btw, the reason you find them easier on Broadsides is because the sole plate comes up and round to the front of the toe, so you're still sliding on grindplate

You need to make sure that you've got a good amount of momentum behind you and, as Antho said, literally just drag your foot along behind you rather than apply any pressure to it, otherwise it'll just act as a brake and you'll stall

Mar 31, 2007matrix8967

my friend does the best drag-queens, i'll see if he can get on here and help ya later today.


Mar 31, 2007AnthoFlex

Yup, pretty much what Mart said.

Drag queens look really REALLY sick if you can pull them off nice. If you ever get to watch oNe (or tWo, i cant remember), Danny Lynch had sum SICK drag queens....but hehe, i mean come on, thats Danny Lynch, u cant expect no less form a Relate member

Mar 31, 2007Mart

That was in tWo

Mar 31, 2007AnthoFlex


Mar 31, 2007kobansora

Haha thanks guys. I'm wearing Sylons do pull them off. The tutorial on soapshoes.info said to put even weight on both so I tried that lol. I'm comfortable with ledges and the skateparks around me have awesome boxes like that, so i'll do what you guys say.

But I bruised my tail bone (falling off a rail) and I haven't been able to run properly for weeks, nor jump properly. Nor sit :c Wahhaha


Mar 31, 2007AnthoFlex

I fell on my tailbone once....it sucked, big time.

Apr 1, 2007kobansora

Yeah haha, I still can't run nor jump :C

Went sessioning today and got shit from skaters though. I gave them respect and props for doing crazy things like kickflips to 50-50s. Stupid, big headed kids.


Apr 1, 2007AnthoFlex

Who are those punks? They fucking with you? My sk8r friends are better than those posers i bet, if they fuck with you again, tell them imma bring the 5Boro team, they'll shit their fucking pants

Apr 1, 2007Surfaced

Stupid and big headed...

No doodoo on their heads though?

Cause we could call them BIG STUPID DOODOO HEADS!


Whatcha got there little fella?

Speedin down the mountain!


Apr 1, 2007kobansora

If they ARE posers, they probably wouldn't know what 5boro is... I don't know what it is :c


Apr 1, 2007sam

The way I learned to drag-queen, was to find a really slick bench and drag one of my feet through a nice crack while grinding with my other foot.

Apr 1, 2007matrix8967

love the family guy reference there surfaced.

Apr 25, 2007xJeremiahx

I never did understand why skaters give us crap. I've been skateboarding for 11 years now. I could give a crap what other people do for fun. When I first saw soaps I was instantly excited to buy a pair and start bustin out. The way that I look at it is this...skateboarding, soaping, blading, BMX, scooters, unicycles.....it's all the same thing. It's a form of entertainment that people do for fun. Why would anyone feel the need to trash someone else because they do something different.

Anyways....back on subject. For some reason I picked up drag-queens pretty quickly although I still can't get them so slide for much more than 4 foot. I like to do a drag-queen then 180 into a switch backside(I'm not sure if that is the correct name).

Apr 26, 2007SapAuthor

Not every skateboarder is stupid like that. www.sabotageonline.com <- that steve hero guy is trying to push soaps, i saw this and i'm also contacting him telling him that we sell them. But he's really talented, check out www.sabotageonline.com, you can see the thing on the home page about soaps, and then in media some of his stuff. Just be warned, he's a bit rough around the edges in that stuff like grafiti, lots of swearing and F-bombs, etc.

Apr 26, 2007Mart

What you mean is that he's normal for someone who's heavily immersed in skate culture. It's to be expected

Apr 27, 2007kobansora

I think there's no such thing as normal. You mean that he's a cool guy?


Apr 27, 2007AnthoFlex

Infamous? whats infamous about Soapshoes

Apr 27, 2007kobansora

Whered you read that


Apr 27, 2007AnthoFlex

.....on the site?

Apr 27, 2007SonicSoaper

I've seen that vid. He hits some pretty strange stuff but it's mostly frontsides and him busting his ass. A good try though.
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