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new grind shoes?
Apr 19, 2007 by ordnanceflint91


i know they have wheels but are those plates that it has on there too? kinda looks like the grails plates to me

Apr 19, 2007Surfaced

Those are what we call fake Heelys.

Apr 19, 2007ordnanceflint91

i know they fake heelies but are those grindplates on them?

Apr 19, 2007kobansora

Retractable.. What an idea. I bought retractable roller thingies like that from Sketchers once, it made me like, 20ft taller.


Apr 19, 2007Mart

Those aren't grindplates; you can tell by the way the tone of the yellow doesn't change between the toe/heel tread and where the plate should be

Apr 19, 2007AnthoFlex

Holy shit, haha.

They tried to re-create t he grail! haha

Apr 19, 2007ordnanceflint91

those yellow parts look like they should be plates. i mean it has a major arch to it and everything. it may not be but why make it that way if its not?

Apr 19, 2007Mart

Because the company behind these shoes would have wanted them to look as much like a pair of Heelys as possible. A lot of the new Heelys have grind plates, so it's only natural for them to copy the aesthetics without knowing the purpose of the arch

Apr 19, 2007Surfaced

They look like the Grind Rails.

But it is rubber.

Apr 19, 2007rhinoskater30

I'd call em Feelys - Fake Heelys, and that kinda sounds gross, so hopefully it would be a turn off.

Apr 19, 2007rhinoskater30

oh yeah, good point Mart
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