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Apr 20, 2007 by JeiHeirumaru

Yo,I know this is totally of the subject of SOAPs,but did anybody see the commercial for the RipStik caster board? If not,here's the link:

Apr 20, 2007JeiHeirumaru

Dude,you guys should check this out! This thing is awesome! It's like a mini-snowboard/surfboard

Apr 20, 2007Zhowulf

It's like...a skateboard but with two wheels :S

Apr 21, 2007JeiHeirumaru

Hey,it's still cool. It simulates Surfin'/Snowbordin',so you hit two birds with one stone

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

I tried one of these at Toys R Us, not cuz i want the latest Dora the Explorer toy... but boy WAS IT HARD. I was kinda a skater, and i still have my balance, but i dont see how those guys do that.

Apr 21, 2007AnthoFlex

I know this is freedom of speech and all, but can we keep the forum threads on Soap-related topics?

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

uhhh ok...dont get this thing cuz its not like SOAPING :)

Apr 21, 2007JeiHeirumaru

That's why I said "I know this is totally off the subject of SOAPing" first. And anways,don't be ashamed of goin' ta' Toys-R-Us,dude. I go there wheneve I get the chance,ta' scope out any new vid games.

Apr 21, 2007JeiHeirumaru

And I thought it would be a pretty decent topic,so...yeah

Apr 21, 2007Surfaced

i wonder what happens when you hit a rock while riding that thing.

Apr 21, 2007Slidey

ahh yes, I've ridden one of them b4. I found it easy, but HELL to stop lol

Apr 22, 2007JeiHeirumaru

You just lean it to the side alittle,and walk off
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