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Apr 21, 2007 by SamusMeleeMaste

Heelys are for kid's not grown men with jobs and 2 kids lol

Apr 21, 2007SapAuthor

This much is true.

Apr 21, 2007RamenRadio

Personally, I'd like it for them to not be out at all, but yeah, that much is true lol

Apr 21, 2007Slidey

haha, that's well funny

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

dude that should be a t-shirt

Apr 21, 2007kobansora

They're cool if they have grind plates...

But I'd rather see freebladers than heelers any day. I hate how they pollute our malls and stuff. There was one guy in our school, HIGH SCHOOL, with heelys and it's like.... DUDE, NO!


Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

dude i do too, u just have be GOOD at it, heelys arent for kids otherwise they wouldnt waste time and money to make shoes with high sizes, heelys are more for kids but not limited to them, i like soaps more, but heelys r still cool

true story: i saw a family of for heelying in a store once. It just shows that heelys are fun for some people while soaps are fun for others, if that dude really likes heelys he can have him

i tell all my friends i have heelys, im good at em and their fun, and they all say cool, they think soap is more cool, but still

Apr 22, 2007mgm

I don't think that either shoe is for adults.

Apr 22, 2007kobansora

What would you call an adult? Hrm....


Apr 23, 2007SamusMeleeMaste

lol yea i like the comment about the shirt thingg lol well its kinda true man lol i bet there kids wonder "how come i cant get a pair"
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