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Bizbo shoes on ebay sz 12
Apr 21, 2007 by SapAuthor


Any collectors out there :P

Apr 21, 2007RamenRadio

Not there anymore. Wonderful, one less soap shoe on ebay ¬_¬

Apr 21, 2007Mart

Those are Rollerblade grind shoes, not Bizo shoes. I don't think I've ever seen a pair of Bizo grind shoes on eBay

One of the UKFSW boys well before my time had a pair of those. Little bit of history for you there

Apr 21, 2007SonicSoaper

Kurt showed me that same bid yesturday and asked me what kind they were. Gave him a little history lesson about Rollerblade in less fifteen seconds.

Apr 21, 2007SapAuthor

Sorry, i saw the B on the bottom and thought bizbo. But yeah, not the best grind shoes, but if you want a small peice of history, or collection, there ya go.

Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

id get em just for another grind shoe

Apr 21, 2007Mart

It's Bizo dude, not Bizbo

Apr 21, 2007Surfaced

You didn't see the Bizos, Mart?

Near Autumn of last year two pairs went up. I think Steve showed us one and someone showed us the other.

I remember that one of those two were blue.

Apr 21, 2007kobansora

know what I think?

I thik we should quit posting things from eBay on Solid Grind and have the people really actually look for the shoes themselves.. I mean it's cool that we can help each other and all, but c'mon guys... That's the reason why the Scorchers went from 40 to 110 bucks.

I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything, but publicizing the thing will just make it a hassle for everybody else who's actually making an effort to searching for the shoes.. It's the person's fault if they won't take the time to find the shoes, so don't add to their leeching.


Apr 21, 2007rhinoskater30

then maybe we should stop posting SaP yeah ebay is way bigger, but if people dont want express ebay is our only other chance at soaps, wut if u wanted those shoes, and no one told u then ud really b mad, if ur really into soaps, then would it really matter? id pay 100 buck for broadsides if they were out, but someone might have to say something

plus, i doubt anyone really wants these and used ones, these arent even soaps, the only thing is, is that theyre grind shoes, and theyre different from the express model

Apr 21, 2007Mart

Uuuh, and what about people on this site who a) don't regularly browse eBay for grind shoes, and b) come to this site and might actually be looking for a pair of these?

It's not like every single auction is posted up here; it's rare that anything other than Soaps and the odd pair of Heely grind shoes appears on eBay, so when something like this crops up, it's more worthy of a mention than another pair of sodding Scorchers

Apr 22, 2007kobansora

If they don't browse eBay then it's their problem.


Apr 22, 2007Mart

Well, aren't you just the charitable type? I take it you don't like try to help people out

I have an idea. If you see any eBay related topics, don't bother reading them, let alone reply. Everyone's a winner that way

Apr 23, 2007RamenRadio

Jesus christ, when are you going to stop being an ass hole Mart

Apr 23, 2007kobansora

Yeah Mart, wth is your problem? I wouldn't assume that I'm an asshole at this point if I were you b/c I'm pretty sure my argument makes a lot of sense and doesn't indicate any ass in me. I'll still keep my argument, I dunno about you but I think it's like doing homework for other people.


Apr 23, 2007RamenRadio

Now since what happened in the broadsides thread, I wasn't going to login again. But that, that was just uncalled for, and hypocritical. Kobansora has NEVER done anything that caused a problem. That was a stupid thing to say Mart.

Apr 23, 2007Mart

Now now boys, lets not get our knickers in a twist over a difference in opinion. I don't particularly see the problem with you ignoring eBay related threads when you have no interest in them. It's like responding to posts started by spammers; if you think it's pointless, don't post. Simple as that. Why are you stirring up arguments?

Apr 23, 2007SapAuthor

WHo knows, someone may want to get a pair for collecting reason, i don't check ebay every day, just nice to share a bit. I got my first pair cuz of a post on here about them. If no one is interested then let it die like normal. You don't HAVE to click on the thread, doesn't hurt you to just move the mouse 15 pixels south and pick a different thread

Apr 23, 2007kobansora

Did you guys even get what I was trying to say?


Apr 23, 2007RamenRadio

WHY ARE WE STIRRING UP ARGUMENTS? Could you be any more hypocritical Mart? It seems every time you post, there is an argument. And the difference this time Mart, is that it is not just me complaining about you, it's another person too (and he has never made a big deal about anything on this forum once), so I'd shut up if I were you.

Apr 24, 2007adamblock

everyone fights on this site.

Apr 24, 2007RamenRadio

Things happen every now and then, but this thing has been a long time coming.

Apr 24, 2007RamenRadio

And if you haven't read ANY of the posts, I have said kobansora has never started trouble, and I can name a lot of people who have never fought on here.

Apr 24, 2007SapAuthor

*sings* why can't we be friends? Why can't wee be frieeeennds.

Apr 24, 2007RamenRadio

lol, I wonder that myself....
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