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May 11, 2007 by matrix8967

so....i graduate today...and my principal was making an announcement of what we should wear...and she said "ONLY BLACK SHOES." and she saw me smile, then she looked at me and said "AND THEY CAN'T BE TENNIS SHOES!" and she said that there was this one kid who didn't get to walk at graduation because he didn't wear the right shoes...but i'm super tempted to test her...because my cleans ARE black...she might not notice...

May 11, 2007Slidey

haha go 4 it dude!

May 11, 2007cherryman696966

as long as u graduate man

May 11, 2007xJeremiahx

Your principal is picky. I wore my skate shoes on gradualtion.

P.S. I feel old. Am I the oldest person on here? I graduated 6 years ago. I'm 24

May 11, 2007AnthoFlex

Imma wear my friends black cleans to prom

May 14, 2007SapAuthor

Black cleans don't look like tennis shoes, but it's graduation man, be careful ;-) I just brought my SOAPs along with, tried to grind on a rail in school after XD but hte ceiling was low so I ended up hitting my head on the ceiling.

May 17, 2007matrix8967

yeah, i hate it when that happens @_@
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Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Sequence of Bryndon sliding a huge kink.
Ryan Dawes hittin a Frontside on a big ol kinked rail.
James Hamon's Grandpa Bud sportin some Soaps
Adam Wasielewski hittin a Sidewalk