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Jumping onto rails
Jul 3, 2007 by LVsoaper12

I'm new to soaping, I just started the other day. I need to know something.

When u jump onto rails, what should go on first, ur backfoot, or your frontfoot?

Jul 3, 2007Rynasty

Whichever one is more comfortable. I learned with my back foot first, which many will agree is a safer method. So that's what I recommend unless it is just really hard for you to learn.

Jul 3, 2007LVsoaper12

ok, thanks, that's what I do.

Jul 4, 2007Megashadow77

This is good to know, as I do the opposite. XD

Jul 4, 2007Locke

If I try to go back foot first I lose my balance. I have to go either front foot first or both feet at once. xD

Jul 5, 2007xJeremiahx

It all depends on what feels right.

Do you have any experience with skateboarding or rollerblading?

My soapping was greatly influenced by my skateboarding. I ride regular footed so when I started soaping it felt normal to grind regular stance.

When I skateboard I ollie with my back foot so when I soap I jump off my back foot. I found it easier to get my front foot on first or both feet at once.

When I do backsides for some reason I can only do both feet at once. If I try to do one foot on first I slip out.

When I do switch I am jumping with my front foot so I put my back foot on first.

Jul 6, 2007Megashadow77

Well, I jump higher off my back foot. And, getting my front foot on first DOES feel more comfortable....to me at least....
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Herr Blunt hittin a Frontside
LixF hittin a fresh track grind
Ryan Armstrong hittin a Frontside
Louis Selby, knocking out another frontside for the bystanders during the UKFSW Fleet trip.
Steven Lam hittin a Frontside on a sick rail