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i uploaded this picture, think it'l get through??
Aug 21, 2007 by iwantsoapshoes

http://photobucket.com" target="_blank">http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z126/sonicthehedgehog11/sonicbustinaufo.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">

Aug 21, 2007soapbofo

dont kno but it looks cool
is he doing a ufo or what?

Aug 21, 2007Page645

damn man where the fuck you get that this pic is siiiiiiiick!!!!!!

Aug 21, 2007soapbofo

it says qj.net at the bottom right side of the picture

Aug 21, 2007Page645

XD i didnt see that

Aug 26, 2007greenfire8484

totally becoming my myspace pic XD!

Aug 26, 2007rhinoskater30

That game is fun, though I wish he had his Soaps on... *sigh*

Aug 26, 2007sonic

no it is not becoming your myspace pic. it is my picture and shall not be distrubuted or re-produced in any way without my extreme permission.

Aug 26, 2007greenfire8484


Aug 26, 2007matrix8967

he's missing one important element...

grind shoes.

Aug 26, 2007greenfire8484

lol true but still....

Aug 27, 2007soapbofo

its a nice picture a lot of people soap because of him

Aug 29, 2007matrix8967

i think it will if you take the screen shot and not take the SS from another site. because...he IS grinding. and the FF X pics made it on here, and they don't have grind shoes and are grinding.

it could go either way.

Aug 29, 2007Surfaced

Possibly, theres a chance... some FFX and SA2 screenshots are on SG as it is, but actually, since you just showed this to us all, and at least traditionally, it would be something of an accomplishment to have your photos accepted (traditionally meaning years ago.) And by "your" i mean photos of you grinding, not Sonic.

Aug 29, 2007PixelEater

How does rubber arch know what grind is?

Aug 29, 2007greenfire8484

what the hell are u talking about?

Aug 29, 2007vault

sorry dude sonic pics dont get posted anymore :(

Aug 29, 2007Page645

you got to be freaking kidding me!

Aug 29, 2007AnthoFlex

Sonic pics suck anyways. The only way we'll see a sonic pic up here is if I go out, buy a Sonic costume, wear my scorchers, and take a sick grind pic

Aug 29, 2007matrix8967

which would be pretty kick arse if you ask me renny.

Aug 29, 2007vault

hmm that would b awsome

Aug 29, 2007vault

hmm that would b awsome

Aug 30, 2007SapAuthor

i have to disagree with you renny. I have a pic for my old desktop that's a large shot of sonic busting a Makio (i think) from the old dreamcast verson (with the sparks flying0. it's a sick pic.

Aug 30, 2007sam

I think what renny was pointing out is sonic pics dont show any skill unless someone actually did it.

Aug 30, 2007AnthoFlex

Thank you Sam. And Trev, i know what pic you are talking about. That looks like a KindGrind, and that looks shitty as well

Aug 31, 2007juno

But still! Did you guys notice how Sonic the hedgehog is the ONLY video game charecter to sport soaps? Even if it was just Sonic Adventure 2.

Sep 1, 2007RamenRadio

What's been going on lately? I don't see ANY pics uploaded that are new. KG tried uploading a picture a while back, and nothing....

Sep 1, 2007Megashadow77

Yeah, me too.

I think it's cuz broox is dead or something.

Sep 1, 2007RamenRadio

I thought mart was until his random comment on Renny's icky camcorder lol

Sep 4, 2007RamenRadio


what the hell is going on with pictures? are all the admins dead or something? Broox, I see that you are on AIM while I'm typing this out dude. Why aren't any pictures being uploaded?

Sep 4, 2007greenfire8484

Broox is dead...? Really... I wanna see more pics going up.

Sep 7, 2007iwantsoapshoes

trodgor? trav, you been playing guitar hero?

Sep 7, 2007greenfire8484

or been on hsr?
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