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New SS Soap Shop Design
Sep 20, 2007 by AnthoFlex

The new design for the shop is almost up and running.

The new layout will feature a videos section, pictures section, the fabled "build-a-shoe" game, and a ton of other things. Even a refrigerated beverage holder...just kidding...

But seriously, a lot of people are aware of the new site as well as very anxiously waiting for it.

I get tons of emails, IMs, and myspace messages each day on people asking me when will the new site launch.

I'm going to put this out in the open now... PLEASE STOP ASKING ME WHEN THE NEW SITE WILL LAUNCH! If you wanna know, sign up for the SS Soap Shop newsletter to get emails on big updates, new products, and yes...when the site will launch.

And trust me, you wont get a bunch of annoying emails for any little update we make. Only if we get in new products, or add in a new feature or sumthing

Sep 20, 2007AnthoFlex

The link above links back here for some reason, heres the link to the newsletter signing up


Sep 20, 2007RamenRadio

Excellent Renny :D Nice job man

Sep 20, 2007AnthoFlex

and Trev too, hes been busting his ass for coding the Shoe game flash.

I've been working on all the pages...i think there are like 14 left...which sounds bad, but really isnt. I can eat that for breakfast

Sep 20, 2007matrix8967

yes, renny, trev, steve, you guys are my new holy trinity. (in the name of The Renny, The Trevor, and the Steve, Amen.)

Sep 20, 2007AnthoFlex

ok, now i have people asking me if signing up is free...

Of course its free! What? we are really gonna charge for sumthing like that? Get real

Sep 21, 2007AnthoFlex

Also, we need people to start submitting pix for the pictures section. Every 2 weeks, we will put up newly submitted pix that are approved

Should i make a new thread on what is required to submit photos?

Sep 21, 2007vault

yesss score. man soaping it all started by the rollerblade store. you know what i live in torrance, CA. im gonna go there and take pictures

Sep 21, 2007SapAuthor

lol i don't want to be compared to the big man upstiars lol, i prefer just part of the resistance. Almost got the soap game finished, they are all broken apart, just got to peice them together, and make the catalog imags, then the only last task is to get the printscreen flash program i have integrated into the soap game.

Sep 21, 2007Page645

hey renny wat part of sap dp u go to to sumbit a pic? im lost every time i go to that site XD

Sep 21, 2007AnthoFlex

Oh yea, sorry about that. ok ok, how about this, see my other thread for info on this

Sep 21, 2007Page645

where is it XD i need to be lined sorry my comp is completely bugging out and wont let me load any other way but by links :( WTF

Sep 21, 2007Page645


Sep 21, 2007Page645

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