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Jun 6, 2004 by BPsoaps

Whats the worst trouble anybodies gotten into from grinding public property?

Jun 6, 2004Floptastic

A tongue lashing...

Jun 6, 2004Collin

the policemen were called

Jun 7, 2004Mart

I got spanked by your mum

Jun 8, 2004Greg

just start screaming "I WAS HIT BY A CAR ALRIGHT!" and theyll leave you alone.

Jun 9, 2004Curtinator

Ive never got in trouble soaping is not illegal where i live,all though me and my bro were soaping at a church and a guy came by and said "this is not a play ground"

Jun 9, 2004Curtinator

And so we just left and went soaping at a High School.

Jun 9, 2004Mart

Soaping is illegal everywhere, idiot, unless you're in a skatepark

Jun 9, 2004Phantom00991

We weren't really soaping at the time but I thaught I'd share this amusing anticdote with all of you.
We were at a place that sells moterhomes and trailers at about 10:30 (after curfew) drinking free pop from their pop machine when a squad car pulled up. By squad car I mean security car painted like a police car. In seconds we were surrounded by three security guards swat style. As they pointed their flashlights at our faces (which was pointless, we had plenty of light) they interrigated us:
"are you gonna buy a trailer?"
"what are you doing out here?"
"Is this your soda?"
We replied that we were just here to get a drink and be on our way, a guy earlier that day told us we could have as much pop as we wanted.
The rent-a-cop's last line as we left was:
"keep drinkin boys, get outta here."
He was trying so hard to be a badass that we made fun of him for like 2 hours straight. I guess they don't get much action guarding a parking lot.

Jun 9, 2004Mart

Security guards are easily the most jumped up wankers ever. They're all on huge power trips

Jun 10, 2004Collin

Just fuck with the Guards till the call the police, now they are a different story theyll kick your ass and theyll get away with it,even better, they get paid to do it.

Jun 11, 2004Curtinator

Mart: Well Mart Security Guards Don't give a shit when i soap.

Jun 12, 2004Mart

Then that security guard isn't doing particularily well at his job

Jun 12, 2004Curtinator

Are you sure about that?... Anyways where I live LIKE I ME NO ONE knows what soaping is. Thats why i don't get in trouble :)

Jun 12, 2004BPsoaps

That is true. Where I live only a handfull of people know what soaping is and unless the police see you soaping they have no idea what your doing.

Jun 12, 2004Mart

'Security Guards Don't give a shit when i soap' implies that they see you soaping and ignore what you're doing, not that they don't know you're wearing grind shoes. Work on your communication

Jun 12, 2004Curtinator

Hey don't copy of me damnit!!!"Sicurity Guards don't give a shit when i soap"

Thats my saying

Jun 13, 2004Mart

...I was quoting you, you fucking retard

Jun 14, 2004pyroguy56011

i Busted! my leg, lol

Jun 15, 2004Curtinator

Mart: Oh Hehehe

Jun 19, 2004l3w1z

when i get good enough im going to get the funniest picture of me getting busted

Jun 19, 2004BPsoaps

A picture of you getting busted???
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