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Anyone Still Looking for Some SOAP Shoes?
Feb 12, 2008 by RamenRadio

If anyone is looking to buy Size 12 soap shoes, I'm your man.

Just send me an email at ramenradio(at)gmail{dot}com

I've been having spamming problems because of what I did last time, so I had to do that.

Shoes that I'm Selling? Right now this is what I have to offer:

Sylon sizes 12 AND size 13 (size 13 is charcoal)

Goas (two pairs, one pair is used)

Black Scab Brand new.

Anyone interested and itching to get a pair? Just send me an email.

These shoes aren't my right size, so I'm using the money to get my right size shoes. I'm probably going to be selling more and more shoes, just not my flows and shoes that do fit me.

Feb 12, 2008Kain

Do you have ANY styles at all size 9, with removable plates? =D

Feb 12, 2008RamenRadio

Sure do, but I don't think I'm going to sell those because those are my shoe size.

Only pair that isn't very good fit for me is my gunmetal sylons, but those are 10.

Feb 12, 2008RamenRadio

Right now I'm adding to my list:

Ordinance petrols used.

Used Cobalt Boltars.

Feb 12, 2008Kain

OMFG I'll take them, how much??? =D

Feb 12, 2008RamenRadio

Dude I'll think about it. I'll be putting them up on ebay if I wanna sell them.

Right now I'm just offering these shoes dude.

Give me a little time to think it over.

Feb 12, 2008Kain

lol, sure.

I'm just looking for any kind of soaps with any style of plates, as long as they're removable and in my size.

I want express, but.....they have express plates, which are cemented on :/

Feb 12, 2008RamenRadio

Adding to my list:

BRAND NEW Cobalt boltars size 12

Feb 20, 2008Snowblind

I'm definitely interested in getting the Septums if they're still available, and I sent an email. *Crosses fingers* :)

Feb 21, 2008Kain


get some in size 9 =D

Feb 24, 2008Revengasaur

I got the scabs and sylons in the mail today. The sylons fit pretty well, but the scabs are a little floppy. I went and hit my practice rail for a while, then went down to the park. The Slo-bros are fucking weird, but kinda cool. I must say they are incredibly slow though. The bbk's are fucking awesome. I'll probably sell these shoes and get some 11's because they are sadly a little too big :(

Feb 25, 2008Surfaced

Hey dude, I've been wanting Septums forever.

Emailing you now for more info on them.

Feb 25, 2008RamenRadio

Replying to you right now.

Feb 25, 2008RamenRadio

replied again

Feb 27, 2008Joshua3109

hey ramen, im looking for a pair of size 10 ,9, 11 black and red ordances. got a pair youd wanna sell me?

Feb 27, 2008JeiHeirumaru

How much for the Sylons and Goas?

Feb 27, 2008RamenRadio

You're not the only one looking for a pair of ordinances. I only have the petrols that I'll put up on ebay sometime.

JeiHeirumaru, if you want to discuss anything about shoes, send me an eamil.

I've been getting a lot of spam and I don't want to discuss much on the forums because of it.

But if you want to get an idea of the prices, I made another topic a while ago. Check it out.

Mar 2, 2008JeiHeirumaru

Yo! Ya didn't asnwer back,when I E-mailed ya. Where you at,dude?

Mar 2, 2008Joshua3109

Hmmmmm, im not really all the that interested in anything other than the black and red ones, so if ANYONE see's them for sale tell me please

Mar 3, 2008Hattmac02

i have the flints but those arent the red and black ones but i would trade them to anyone not sell

Mar 3, 2008SapAuthor

Hey all, we do have express black and grey in 12s again, hopefully soon 13s, just need to get a hold of steve...

Mar 3, 2008Page645

SapAuthor we didnt forget about the express wat i think it is is that we want new styles and the only new styles we can get are the old styles. get wat im saying?

Mar 4, 2008RamenRadio

Yeah, old school rules.

Apr 22, 2010skikid

yo u got any shoes in size 9 ur trying to sell

May 4, 2010bighitryda

Hey you have any 13's or maybe 12's for sale?

May 18, 2010Tedd

This is old, so I doubt it. He either threw them out or sold them by now.

May 18, 2010sylonbroadsides

actually, he still has size 12's brand new ones too. Just leave your email and he'll get back to you.

May 19, 2010Brad

Aren't you "he"? Or am I mistaken o-o

May 19, 2010sylonbroadsides

mistaken bro

May 19, 2010Brad

Huh, for what ever reason i always thought you were RamenRadio.
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