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Bad news guys...
Mar 9, 2008 by SapAuthor

*sigh* i got some real bad news all...

before i break it to you, i remind you NOT to send HSL emails about this, even if you're really disapointed and angry.

There's no 13s.

Even though they were on the buy sheet, none were made, none are there, none are going to be there. No one feels more stood up than Renny and I, expecially me cuz i have 13s and once my 2 soaps are gone (one is falling apart, the other one is all that's left) i'll be out.

We're still going to release some of the plates and keys and stuff, we're getting that data up so at least we have something new, but just thought you all should know. Steve was right, we shouldn't have released the hype about 13s, but i thought you all should know, for better or worse...

Mar 9, 2008Revengasaur

Wow. Bummer.

Mar 9, 2008xJeremiahx

That sucks man. I'm glad my feet have shrunk in my old age and I now wear 12s.

Mar 9, 2008ordnanceflint91

Trev, what was their reason for no 13s? other than HSL sux ass for soaps

Mar 9, 2008SapAuthor

No reason given. last year they also had 13s on the buy list but didn't produce them, we just figured it was a glitch, seems it was a glitch they never fixed...

but i'm not giving up, no way, we need 13s, and possibly a new model, and we got to keep pushing for it all. Don't lose hope, those who are 13s, you can still save up ur money and buy them from Australia, (14s at least, which can still work easily), or you can try Rawk.com, but not sure how reliable, i have heard mixed stories.

Mar 10, 2008Soapdreamer

Teh shoes are a lie.
Some one said there is a place in arizona that still sells soaps shoes is this true?

Mar 10, 2008matrix8967

teh cake is a lie.

this is disappointing. :(

Mar 10, 2008JeiHeirumaru

Eh,I don't wear 13,so they woulden't've done any good

Mar 11, 2008AnthoFlex

I think its BS. Because Steve has seen HSL have them since last year

Mar 11, 2008Surfaced


Shame on me, actually. Should've known.
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