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Getting on Higher Rails
Apr 13, 2008 by MiTcH1337

Im having trouble getting up onto higher rails, like hand rails. Any tips?

Apr 13, 2008wyattpeterson

jump w/ all of your might & commit to it fully ... thats the only way you can conquer

Apr 13, 2008Megashadow77

Wyatt's right. Also, you CAN'T be afraid.

for MONTHS I handed up on this red handrail near my house. I was SOOO Scared to do it. Then I got pissed off after watching Best of DEOS. Me and my friend were walking home from Wal-Mart. I just dug up the balls and jumped onto it. landed on it, and went maybe like 2 feet XD before coming off in shock.

All you got to do is GO FOR IT.

Apr 13, 2008anaholaboys

land on the rail with your back foot first

Apr 13, 2008MiTcH1337

Ok thanks. Ill definitely throw some higher rails into my next vid..

Thanks again.

Apr 15, 2008heelyhailey

back foot first .. hmm, never tried this.
I'm not really doing big rails, but still, worth learning.

Apr 16, 2008Kingyo

Don't you have to be able to jump high also? I always wondered how I would do it since I am short in height and I don't jump high.

Apr 16, 2008wyattpeterson

yea most of it is if your able to jump high and if your tall.... i was really short until my sophmore year but luckly grew to like 5'7 so now rails are easier to hit because most are like hip high
~wYaTT P

Apr 16, 2008anaholaboys

while backsides you land front foot first
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