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What's your favorite color out of the three that the express come in?
Apr 25, 2008 by Spano565

I was bored + when i order mine tomorrow i'm gonna have to pick a color scheme, but don't know what color to get.So i'll see what's most popular around here.(Now that i think about it as long as it can grind does it matter?Ehh... what the hell.

Apr 25, 2008wyattpeterson

im rockin the whites mostly now ..whites ;)

Apr 25, 2008Spano565

Ok that's 1 vote for the whites lol.Thanks for the input.

Apr 25, 2008wyattpeterson


Apr 25, 2008Spano565

Yo, do you got aim?If ya do mine's jspan1013 i wanna talk to you but not here, just for getting of topic ya know.

Apr 25, 2008Hattmac02

i like the white because of the orange accents

Apr 25, 2008AnthoFlex

I like the ones i have

Apr 25, 2008wyattpeterson

what color do u have

Apr 25, 2008AnthoFlex

I honestly want white ones. I have Black, Grey, and Hornet

Apr 25, 2008AnthoFlex

Then it would be complete :)

I love the Express. The comfiest shoe i have

Apr 25, 2008sam

White are probably my favorite.

What are hornets though? Black and yellow?

Apr 25, 2008SpiderSoaper

most likeley thats wat the hornets are, with a yellow express plate?

Apr 25, 2008anaholaboys

im guessing you used a paint marker
cuz thats what im gonna use wen i paint my expresses

Apr 25, 2008Spano565

Ok thanks guys it's either white or black now i got to make up my mind tonight on which color scince i'm FINALLY ordering them tomorrow.(I've prolonged things a bit because of my schedule but now it's cool.)What do you think looks better in real life black or white?Whichever gets most votes is the one i'm getting.If anyone wants to know i'm a size 10 in soap and 9 in sneaker.lol Ga' night people.

Apr 25, 2008Franticfred

i like the black and the white arent in my size haha or they maybe my fav

Apr 25, 2008Kingyo

From the pictures, the black ones kicks major ass! Although the white one, if you have spray paint or something, you can customize colors.

Apr 25, 2008Hattmac02

i think the black ones look better on the site but my friend got the white ones and they look kick ass in person

Apr 25, 2008wyattpeterson

yea I found the best way to customize your expresses is to use a paint marker

Apr 25, 2008Sakkage

I just ordered the black ones... so i guess they're my favorite.

Apr 25, 2008mets603412

eh not very much 2 choose from i think the white r ok but i dunt like most of the colors not very stylish

Apr 26, 2008Joshua3109

Get the blacks, I own the blacks and white, the blacks are actually soooooo mcuh better looking.

Apr 26, 2008iwantsoapshoes

Black's rule!!
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