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Hey don't forget all u 13 and 14s out there
Apr 29, 2008 by SapAuthor

there is that pair of MB Tanks on ebay, it's buy it now only and 75 bucks, plus shipping will be about 85-90 ish, but it's cheaper than paying 150 for 14 black sylons like i did from Australia. It's an option if you are willing to pay.


Apr 30, 2008iwantsoapshoes

Gmbus used to be WAY cheaper than that
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soapy hittin a UFO on a home made box
Ryan Dawes hittin a Frontside on a big ol kinked rail.
Strider Patton hittin a Fastslide
Orr Whartman hittin a Frontside
Greg Morris hittin a Pudslide