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Hey Renny
May 9, 2008 by aughey456

Hey i am getting my soaps soon and i was trying to think of what shoe to get but i dont think i would want the express,and i was wondering what shoes you have in a size 9 not at the shop.New is cool but used are fine as long as there not majorly fucked up.The only reason i didnt want the express is because i wanted to put some slo bros in and i cant.

- Joe Aughey

May 9, 2008AnthoFlex

They only have express at the shop dude. Sorry

The express are a killer shoe, give them a try

May 9, 2008mets603412


May 9, 2008aughey456

Naa man, i wanted to know if you had any shoes YOU wanted to sell in a size 9.If you really think the express are a killer shoe then ill go with them.But id really wanna try something with a replace able plate because with the express i can't change plates or if i'm in school i could always pop in the maxwell's.Let me know if you have any of your shoes you'd like to sell.Thanks Renny, Joe Aughey

May 9, 2008mets603412

express are just light, that's the only thing ok bout the express other than that eh

May 9, 2008AnthoFlex

I don't sell my shoes

May 10, 2008AnthoFlex

When the day to part with them finally comes, i'll give them away to those who are most worthy.

I don't sell soaps unless i'll use the money to get other soaps.

I'll never use the cash to buy like a nintendo or clothes or something

May 10, 2008aughey456

ohh ok
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