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Final Fantasy Soaper
May 11, 2008 by Joshua3109

So next year when i go to Japan im getting my hair cut like Zacks from the beginning of FF7 Crisis Core.
What would you guys do if you saw a guy with totally awesome looking hair like that grind a huge ass rail right in fornt of you?
im pretty sure Id be amazed at the whole spectacle and consider him the coolest guy ever

May 11, 2008MiTcH1337


A Picture please?

May 11, 2008MiTcH1337


May 11, 2008Joshua3109

hahaha thatd be so badass

May 12, 2008Kain


nothing says "notice me" better than a crazy haircut :)

May 12, 2008blakeashake

umm attention whore much???

May 12, 2008blakeashake

I think the shoes give more than enough attention themselves.

May 12, 2008Kingyo

Haha! Go for it you Zack-wannabe! =D

That reminds me I need a hair trim soon also.

May 12, 2008Altman

Zach eh? Guess I have no other choice then to become....CAPTAIN BASCH FROM DALMASCA!

May 13, 2008Joshua3109

hahaha nice altman nice. But Blake, with the two combined nobody will be able to take thier eyes off of me. See I got it all planned out, when people see me with this fucking crazy hairstyle (not sure if im allowed to curse or not) they will automatically start staring and thats when I pull out a crazy grind.

May 14, 2008Kingyo

Once you get the crazy cut, make a vid of you busting a move! I know I'd love to see a Zack-look-alike grinding down a rail!

May 14, 2008Joshua3109

will do hahaha. Ill also have to get some sort of sword and some badass black jeans and armor, thatd be so fucking cool

May 14, 2008matrix8967

you said "beginning of Crisis Core" and he has different hair in ff7 and crisis core...you showed his ff7/last part of crisis core hair...

1st half of crisis core: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i231/matrix8967/pspcrazy_finalfantasycccloudandzach.jpg

2nd half of crisis core/ff7 hair:

and besides that, good luck getting that hair to work.

oh, and lol @ altman.

May 14, 2008Joshua3109

My bad, I will probably fuse the two hairstyles or at least have some sort of a bang on the second style

May 14, 2008Kingyo

Josh: Dude... are you into cosplay by any chance?! Now that would be funny, a SOAPer at an anime convention, grinding as Zack from the Final Fantasy series! I have the mental image and i can't help but laugh my ass off at how cool and insane it could be!

May 14, 2008Kingyo

May 14, 2008Kingyo

Doh, sorry about the blank post!

I was about to say, good luck on getting the right hair gel/cream/glue to get your hair spikey!

May 14, 2008Joshua3109

Kingyo, I haven't cosplayed before but im planning on dressing as cloud for haloween or maybe Zack, they have similar suits dont they?
That'd be so insane, Id wear my black Soaps and everything. man im pumped for that now haha

May 14, 2008Kingyo

If you have heard of Anime Conventions, there are alot of people that goes there dressed up as game/anime characters. There are even contests/masquarades. Just beware of the fangirl glomp if you dress up as their favorite character and that thing called "YAOI Paddle". ^^;

As for similar suits, I remember in FF7, Cloud took Zack's buster sword and he was in a Shinra Soldier outfit (blue one)... so I believe that he took his clothes as well... kinda creepy now that I think about it. XD

May 15, 2008Joshua3109

Id like to go to an Anime Convention, seems like it would be fun. haha fan girls, as long as theyre good looking I dont care and whats a YAOI Paddle? haha it dosent sound good

that is kind of creepy, Kingyo, you seem to know a nice bit about this stuff, would it be hard to do my hair like Clouds with all the spikes?

May 15, 2008wyattpeterson

i would just take the picture of zacks hair to a salon and tell them u want that exactly

May 15, 2008matrix8967


Zack gave cloud an extra soldier uniform he had. when he took the buster, he was dressed in the Soldier 1st class uniform.

i beat ff7 ff8 and ff9 every year during summer break. :)

May 16, 2008Kingyo

Matrix: Oh yeah I forgot that cutscene! Wow it has been awhile since I played the game.

Joshua: Yaoi paddle? Just make a search on Youtube and find out! Mwahaha! As for how hard... it really depends how your hair will be cut and how strong/long lasting the hair gel you picked is.

May 16, 2008Joshua3109

Kingyo what do you mean how long my ahir is and how good the gell is? Do they do it harder if you dont do a gooj job on your costume? O, if any of them tryed to hit me with that thing Id beat them with it. Im not nerd like they probably are, I workout like a REAL MAN!

May 16, 2008Kingyo

Josh: Depends on the person really. =D

May 16, 2008Joshua3109

depends on the person? what?1 haha im confused
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