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To Anyone submitting pictures through the picture system....
Dec 27, 2008 by AnthoFlex

Post links to your pictures here. For some reason, None of the pictures are showing up on the waiting form and i know for a fact that there are lots and lots of pictures being sent in.

I wanna try something new to get the pictures in up and running, so post links to your best ones here and I'll give it a shot.


By the way, how is everyone? I haven't asked in awhile

Dec 27, 2008matrix8967

I just did a shoot the other day. My sister needed action shots for her photography class. I'll get copies and submit them.

things are well for me kinda.

how's everyone else? and yourself antho?

Dec 28, 2008cherryman696966

i've been pretty good, haven't been on here in forever, in israel for 9 months reppin my soaps every time i go out, so much fun grinding drunk.

Dec 28, 2008AnthoFlex

I've been ok. Dealing with a lot of shit here at home. Trying to get this website business bullshit off the floor to make some money.

Here's my latest website, I finished it just a few minutes ago.


Keep an eye out for my newest website, which I'll throw up when I get paid for this one. It's a nice one that i'm sure that all the soapers here will enjoy

Dec 29, 2008JeiHeirumaru

Doin' pretty good. Got my Xbox360 'n Sonic Unleashed for Christmas, and lovin' th' hell outta it

Dec 29, 2008AnthoFlex

I just beat it, quite a frustrating game

Mar 7, 2009Joshua3109

That game didnt get awesome reviews, how did you guys find it?

Mar 7, 2009Louis

up and over :)
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Ian Chandler hittin a frontside
Bryndon Smith hittin a Frontside the Iowa City Kink
Derek Brooks hittin a Mizuo
Bryndon hittin a backslide at the Cedar Rapids Soap Demo
Wyatt Peterson sticking a backslide and throwin up Westsiiiide