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Size 13 soaps PLEASE
Jan 24, 2009 by Kooksoaper13

Please, I'm new, and really really want any kind of soap shoe in a size 12, 13, or 14. Thanks

Jan 24, 2009Kooksoaper13

Ohh and happy new years to all on solidgrind

Jan 26, 2009Kooksoaper13

PLEASE I need some soaps, I'm really mad because I got freaking SNIPED on eBay while trying to bid on some squeaky cleans. I HATE SNIPING!!!

Jan 27, 2009Revengasaur

Yeah, me too, I was after the 11 cleans. I'm not burnt up though, somebody who needed them more that me probably got em.

Jan 27, 2009Kooksoaper13

I shoulda went 4 the white sylons, they ended at like 20$.

Jan 27, 2009Kooksoaper13

Everyone give Sapauthor a round of applause for 1 putting up with me, and 2 supplying me with my very first pair of Soap shoes.

Jan 28, 2009Revengasaur

Did you end up with soaps Kook?

Jan 28, 2009jackswhack

when were there sylons and squeaky's on ebay

Jan 28, 2009Kooksoaper13

Yes I did end up with soaps, they should be here any day now, and the sylons and squeakys were on ebay about a week, or two ago

Jan 30, 2009Revengasaur

Cool man, did you just get some expresses?

Jan 31, 2009Kooksoaper13

No I got some ordnance petrols

Jan 31, 2009Revengasaur

Nice man, I have some of those. You will be very happy with them. You said you wear size 12 or 13? I have some size 12 sylons I wanna get rid of. They're kinda beat though, and don't have any plates.

Jan 31, 2009Kooksoaper13

Good to know, I can't wait to get them. On another note can packages come on sundays.

Feb 4, 2009Franticfred

Some on Ebay RIGHT now


Feb 4, 2009Franticfred


Feb 4, 2009Franticfred

sorry i double posted that but i donno why that link didnt work but yea just search "soap shoes" on ebay and they'll come up under mens shoes

Feb 4, 2009sam

congratulations on informing everyone about them for those that wanted to keep the bid below 20
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