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Need not be a Memory
Feb 12, 2009 by NagoyaFox

So I keep seeing how soaps are *supposed* to be a thing of the "past". But what if we were able to create a new wave of Soap/grind shoe followers? What I mean is go out intentionally and try to get people to like soaps. I know that sounds totally insane but I think thats how all things begin. I know It works too. I know Parkour isnt a big thing and its underground like Soaps, but those who love parkour teach a younger generation to love it too, so that way Parkour wont die out. I mean I didnt get to try to grind until like last month My friend dug out some old nasty ass shoes. I mean dear god those things were from 99' or 00'. They were old and stained and smelled weird, But I'll be damned that was the most fun I have ever had! What do you think? I'd give it a shot. I mean you have one new fan outta me.

Feb 12, 2009NagoyaFox

Hmmm well after spending hours reading all of the posts. I know who actually works their asses off to bring Soaps back. I dont meant to irk you guys or anything, Im just new here. I gotta give credit where credit is due.

Feb 12, 2009Revengasaur

Hell yeah dude, Soap ain't dead. Keep having fun and it'll all work out eventually.

Feb 12, 2009NagoyaFox

Im glad to know there are a devoute few. I though my friend was like the only one left. I need to grab a pair so I help bring Soap back.

Feb 12, 2009xJeremiahx

I still bring my soaps with me whenever I skateboard. I throw them on every now and then and usually someone asks about them and where to get them. Unfortunately all I can say now is look on ebay.

Feb 12, 2009NagoyaFox

So have the Soaps Brand Fallen though completely now? I know they arent freestanding. You know Heelys and all...I read the Heelys artical on Wikipeida and I havent seen much from them. I refuse to buy Heelys for my first grind shoes. They annoy me for some reason, I think its just were little kids zoom past me all the damn time in the super market.

I would ask to buy my old friend soaps but they are like a size 12. I need like a size 7. I really funny to watch me play around in those things.
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