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heelys help!
Feb 25, 2005 by soraya

I know by reading some of the posts you guys have made that you think heelys are gay but I just recently got a pair and have been trying to get used to them I used to skate when I was younger and I still blade when I get the chance but these are something way different and I can't seem to roll along unaided yet anyway so I was wondering if anyone knew any tips for getting me rolling? The sport hasn't really taken off over here it's pretty much unknown same with the soap shoes they aren't available in nz yet and i'm not sure if they will be but I would like to get some exposure for the sport if only I could use the products myself!

Feb 25, 2005Mart

Practice, that's what everyone else does

Feb 26, 2005AleX

what i do:
1 step out flat with left foot
2 step forward with right foot, but only touch the wheel to the ground
3 find your center of balance and you should start to roll
4 lift your left foot back up so you dont do the splits, put it back down (wheel only touching) and as long as your balanced and have some speed, you will roll
5 once you get better, try just jumping into a roll
i hope that made sense. (you may want to step right foot first, its just preference)

hints* keep your feet one behind the other, not side by side, even try resting the toe of your trailing foot on the heel of your leading one

Feb 26, 2005AleX

for step number 3 only your front foot will roll, not your whole body. this is why the splits are mentioned in step 4

Aug 24, 2005merlyn_dhc

Some simple suggestions:

First of all, with Heelys, one foot has to be in front of the other. Don't try to skate with your feet side-by-side.

Weight should be even distributed.

When you first start, your knees have to be locked (straight). Don't bend your knees until you get the hang of it otherwise it makes balancing much harder.

Next - if you're having trouble, wear them to the supermarket or hardware store. Hold a shopping cart and skate. This will give you some practice. Eventually, let go of the cart (little by little).

There is a "how-to" video. I have copy on my site, and I think its posted on www.heelys.com - my site is www.chautown.com ; but I run it off my cablemodem so its a bit slow.

Hope that helps.
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