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were do i get soap shoes
May 19, 2006 by chip

i love soaping but no won sells them by me i live in N.Y setalket and theres nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleas healp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 20, 2006AnthoFlex

YOu leave in NY?....me too! You live in NYC?

May 20, 2006chip

me to

May 20, 2006chip

i rote thes can you healp

May 20, 2006AnthoFlex

I know you did....umm look on Ebay.....what borough do you live in? i live in Corona queens

May 20, 2006SapAuthor

Yah, ebay is the only place to get them as of now, but in Fall (as everyone is so hyped about, me too) they will be back out in retailers. I got a pair of expresses and I love them, other than the cemented plates they are fast, and have shock absorbers (air bubble below heel)

May 20, 2006Jake2006

Hi i found a website caled http://www.soapshoes.info">Soap Shoes Online that lists a few ways to buy shoes. the ebay list is pretty cool. never seen it before

May 20, 2006Louis

Oh my lord bot the ukfsw web adresses have been bought?! soapshoes.info and ukfsw.com have both been bought by holding companies.....good bye uksfw :(

May 20, 2006dunk

Soapshoes.info is still alive. Design has been sacrificed for content, for the time being anyway.

May 21, 2006Mart

Looking gooood so far Dunk
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Luke Williams with a bike rack grind
Zack Ricky hittin a Frontside on a long, fat, kinked rail.
Maxwell hittin a Frontside
Alexei Tajzler and Kyle Lefler hittin a Synchronized Soaping
Cullen Wurzer hittin a Hittin a royale on a bike rack