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how to make any ledge slide
Jun 11, 2006 by mgm

This looks like a cool trick. I have not tried it yet. If you try it tell me how it works out.


Jun 11, 2006Mart

Wow, talk about criminal damage

Notice how the before/after comparison is made when the dry ledge is unwaxed, whereas afterwards it has lacquer and wax on it. You'd get a slick ledge with enough wax, and it wouldn't cost you $18 and several hours of skate time

Jun 11, 2006mgm

What exactly does the lacquer do? Maybe you could skip the sanding without using a whole bar of wax if you use lacquer.

Jun 11, 2006Mart

The laquer is basically a spray-on varnish, it'd make the ledge super-smooth and, in turn, reduce the amount of friction

Jun 11, 2006SapAuthor

Wow, that's really not worth it if you ask me. Possible fine, lot of work. They could just FIND a better one to do, or make one.

Jun 11, 2006Mart

...make a concrete ledge?

Jun 11, 2006AnthoFlex

You have to admit its creative.....but here in NYC (and anywhere for that matter) if you get caught.....thats ur ass right there....I would just use wax.....a lot of people would think that wax is just as bad as that laquer thing, but in LOTS places like Flushing MEadow park.....they "Sand Blast" The wax away....so it isnt really a problem....that ledge WAS pretty slick though....i give an A for creativness

Jun 12, 2006Jard39

i personally thinks thats awsome

Jun 13, 2006Curtinator

Yeah Mart just buy Wet Concrete and yeah make a ledge by making it built high up.
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