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someone said steve had shirts
Aug 13, 2006 by Attack1

someone said steve had shirts and i was wondering how to get one because hsl wont email me back

Aug 13, 2006Surfaced

I was the one who said that.

Yes, Steve is selling some shirts. You could email him at stevedeel@sbcglobal.net

Or you could wait for him to say something here, but it's probably better to email him.

Aug 16, 2006Go2Crew

Thanks David. I'm still holding the Soap Staff Shirt for you. Interested or shall I release it?

Aug 16, 2006Surfaced

Oh right....

Yeah, release it please. I guess I have enough Soap shirts.

Aug 16, 2006Mart

I don't; could you send me a picture of it please Steve?

Aug 17, 2006Go2Crew

Mart, no problem. I'll forward it tonight. Patrick is already looking at it on approval, but I haven't heard from him yet. You are next on the list! How's the video going? It's still 100-103°F highs, so no wax is sticking on the rails around here ... Darn good thing that Cast Nylon as a 365° melting point!
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