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SOAPing for beginners?
Apr 21, 2010 by SonicDaMan

Alright, I just got my BBK grindplates today, so now I'm all set =)

...now I'm too chicken to even try SOAPing XD I have no experience with skateboards, so this is going to be hard for me. Does anyone have some advice so I can learn this without breaking my spine?

Apr 21, 2010Brad

Start small and gradually take it to harder things. Like, once you can do curbs like their nothing, take it up to ledges and things like that. When I started soaping, I didn't have any sort of experience with skating, aggressive or anything like that either. Just practice a lot and before you know it, you'll be bustin' shit like everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. :P

Apr 22, 2010HDCineman

It's good if you can find a bike rack that has a really low rail on it. There are some that have a rail that is flat, about 10ft long, and about 4 inches off the ground. Great way to start. Remember to keep your feet a little wider than shoulder's width apart, and keep your balance right in between your feet.

Apr 25, 2010Brad


May 1, 2010Tedd

If you have the money, you can go to the Home Depot or Lowes or some other hardware store and build yourself a practice rail. If you do, make it so you can adjust it so when you get good, you can set it to a slope or higher up.

If not, then use what's around you. When I was camping, I made a bow staff and found that it can double for a practice rail. It's about 7 feet long so it does okay, but it's not flat so it will wobble.

Also, a very helpful tip: Use whichever handedness you are. Like if you're right-handed, lead with your right foot first and vice-versa for left footed. You can do it however you want, but going by handedness would make it easier on you.

One more thing: Make sure to bend your knees. Bending your knees helps you maintain your balance. Put about 60% of your weight on your back foot so you have more control over what you're doing. It's ALL easier said than done, but as with everything; it comes with practice. Good luck!

May 1, 2010Brad

I disagree with the handedness part. I'm right handed, but I'm more comfortable with my left foot leading. Dunno why. Same with hockey sticks.
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