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Soap movie
Jun 17, 2010 by Brad

Any one down with making a new movie? I figure with summer right around the corner there could finally get some filming done. I realize that most of you have jobs and stuff now (I would too, but it's goddamn impossible =\)but if you're still kicking around, chances are you're a pretty devout soaper. Who's in?

Jun 17, 2010Sieg

I'd be down if I had a pair that still fit me =[

Jun 17, 2010Brad

Well...you should find a new pair :P

Jun 20, 2010Tank

where are you filming at?

Jun 20, 2010Brad

We're not meeting up if that's what your're thinking (cool as that'd be :P(unless you live in BC in Canada))

I figured that, assuming this goes down, we'd just get all our footage and let some pro editor (def not me, lmao) have their way with it.

Jun 23, 2010Sheepsama

I'm good at editing and I'll have free time on weekends to add my own films and edit yours :)

Jun 23, 2010sylonbroadsides

there is a movie that has soap shoes in it, it's a disney channel original movie called "Brink". I have the DVD, and it's also available on youtube.

Jun 24, 2010Brad

Yeah, I watched that video not too long ago on Youtube. But I'm talking a next gen oNe and tWo if you can dig that.

Jun 28, 2010Revengasaur


Jun 28, 2010Brad

If I can get a hold of my bro sometime soon, I'll most likely be getting some dece footage.

Jun 29, 2010Sheepsama

Again :p I can help! :)

Jun 30, 2010Brad


Now if only we had good footage...

Jul 1, 2010sam

I'd be down.

Jul 2, 2010Brad

Awesome. Awesome to the max.
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Mark Pooley hittin a Frontside at Cornell
Sonic the Hedgehog sliding a vine with his scorchers
Dude sliding the Soap Van
Bryndon Smith hittin a Frontside the Iowa City Kink
Jeff Hites, a Moline Police Officer doing a frontside