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Buy SOAP Shoes
Jun 23, 2010 by BuySoaps

Sylon here, I changed my username because it was so long. Sorry to spam up the place, I just thought I would let people know a little more about the soap shoes I am selling.

I have sizes 9-12, and I have spare grind plates for sizes 9-14.

I am selling used shoes for 50 dollars each, 100 dollars for any new pairs I might have left.

If you want to contact me, leave your email here or contact Brad.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Joe Spano I do realize I still have your size 11 scabs, and I'm sorry that they did not get to you. I'll try to get them to you very soon.

Jun 23, 2010BuySoaps

Some shoes were put on ebay today. Here is a small list:

Brand new:

Ordinance Flints size 10
Earth Septums size 10
Graphite Blue Cleans Size 11
2 pairs Cherynobl goas size 12


Vector Grey/Yellow Size 10

Heelys mack size 10

Cleans graphite bluesize 11

Vector Size 11 (grey and yellow)

Clean Sand size 10

Clean Black Size 12

Scab White Size 11

Cleans Black Size 11

Ordinance Petrols size 12 (with slo bros)

Jun 24, 2010Brad

Ofcourse this gets added right after I blow all my money on a new Wii :P

I'll tell you what though, as soon as I get paid (finally got a job woot ;P) youcan put me down for those used ords.

Jun 24, 2010Sheepsama

I'm interested in the size 11 clean blacks.
Contact me at sheepsama9543@hotmail.com

Jun 24, 2010Sheepsama

Actually I'm more interested in the new ordinance flints you have up there. .-. They look real nice :D

Jun 25, 2010jfuya2000

I'm interested in one of the two new size 10's of yours. Contact me at jms_smith@verizon.net ASAP buddy! I need soaps!!! Thanks =)

Jun 25, 2010Sheepsama

I get paid on Wednesday and if it's possible could I reserve the ordnance?:/

Jun 25, 2010BuySoaps

Two updates, I also have a brand new pair of regular crowbars size 9.

If you would like to buy soaps shoes, email buysoaps@gmail.com

Jun 25, 2010BuySoaps

Sheepsama and jfuya2000, I have sent you both emails with the info of where to send your payments. I will ship your orders when you have sent your payments, thank you for your time.

Jun 25, 2010BuySoaps

wow guys I'm sorry, the email is: buysoapshoes@gmail.com

Jul 14, 2010mafianinjabeast

When will I get my soaps? Just wondering.

Jul 14, 2010mafianinjabeast

The black cleans I ordered...
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