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Updated SOAP Shoes list
Jul 6, 2010 by BuySoaps


I have sizes 9-12, and I have spare grind plates for sizes 9-14.

I am selling used shoes for 50 dollars each, 100 dollars for any new pairs I might have left.

If you want to contact me, leave your email here or contact Brad.

Thank you for your time.

Brand new:

2 pairs Cherynobl goas size 12
White Turntables size 9


Vector Grey/Yellow Size 10

Heelys mack size 10

Vector Size 11 (grey and yellow)

Clean Sand size 10

Clean Black Size 12

Scab White Size 11

Cleans Black Size 11

Ordinance Petrols size 12 (with slo bros)

Jul 13, 2010BuySoaps


Jul 13, 2010mafianinjabeast

I have been e-mailing you..... Anyway, just really want those black cleans! Thanks, and please respond to my emails.

Jul 14, 2010mafianinjabeast

I bought them..... Anyway, please send me the info I requested....
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