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some free soaps?
Feb 6, 2011 by Mattshh

Can some one with a sponsor send me some free soaps? I know one of you guys haves to have an old pair i wear a ten come on some send me a pair u guys got like so many of them lol.

Feb 6, 2011winglessavian

ummm actually we don't have tons, and they're really hard to find. i don't have tens anyway, but i just want to let you know that you are very unlikely to get a free pair. I had to buy mine for quite a bit, and i expect that you'll have to do the same.

Just a heads up, don't really want to be a jerk. I will post on here if there are some on ebay though, and you can look there.

Feb 6, 2011winglessavian

where do you live anyway? if you're close by then maybe you could find some nearby soapers, or check craigslist, i've seen soaps on there a couple of times.

Feb 7, 2011Brad

If only Soap still sponsored.

Feb 7, 2011Brad

Also, if you're from the US you can buy them from katesskates, look them up. Plus, you know, eBay. But if you're from the UK by some magnificent stroke of fortune, you can buy them from rawk.

Feb 7, 2011Brad

http://1800wwsports.stores.yahoo.net/20soscsh1.html Also this site has some grind shoes and ships to US. Very limited though.

Feb 7, 2011winglessavian

Here's a pair of size tens in good shape that i found trawling craigslist. send the guy a text and ask if he'll ship them to you!

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