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I finally got my ordnance ^.^
Sep 5, 2006 by SapAuthor

Wootz!! Finally i got my pair of ordnance flint SOAPs! http://www.sonicandpals.com/soaps/images/mynewordnanceflints.jpg
They were a bit snug in the toe area, but as you can see from the picture, i took care of that.

Funny thing is, it said it had the UHF original plates on it, but they were actually BBKs! I'm glad cuz now i got 2 pair of BBK plates, one black, one grey.

^.^ I'm happy ^.^

Sep 5, 2006Mart

Those look more like white BBKs to me, the grey ones are alot darker than that

A word of advice; don't skate in your Soaps. They're not built to take that kind of stress, and flip tricks will rip the toes to pieces

Sep 5, 2006Rick

Those are defintiely white BBKs, glad to see you've received your shoes, though. The Ordnance is a great shoe.

Sep 5, 2006SapAuthor

yah, lol i like my sock modifications, although my pinky toe keeps rubbing on the shoe, i'll probabl just slap some sort of bandage on it when i go. And as for the skateboarding, i' not that advanced yet so no real danger, i use my expresses when i go to the skatepark and i do both soaping and skateboarding. So far the only damage to the shoe is a minor scratch mark on the front right where it goes against the grip tape (which isn't htat gripy).

Sep 5, 2006chip

were did u get them

Sep 5, 2006chip

i can onleyfind the new kind of soaps

Sep 5, 2006SapAuthor

Ebay ebay ebay.

Sep 5, 2006AnthoFlex

Yp Trev, man, UHF is like a sub company kinda thing...they make all of the plates except for the Express'......What you were afraid of was that they were the uhf ORIGINALS.....but those are DEFINETLY BBKS.....damn, i never knew the white ones could look so sick!....Nice job dude......as for sk8ing, dunt sk8 in them, i almost murdered my Express' like that

Sep 5, 2006AnthoFlex

Dude, by the way, are those the Gray Express'?

Sep 5, 2006chip


Sep 5, 2006SapAuthor

antho,t he grey are the ordnance, the black are the express, and the plates are grey (although they look more white than grey) BBK plates. The ordnance has black BBK's on them.

Sep 5, 2006AnthoFlex

Ok then....so those ARE the Gray Express' then.....ALONG with the Ordnance ^_^

Thats creepy, both you and i have the same shoes in the same order lol.....What other Soaps you got?

Here are mine in order of when i got them:

Ordnance- Flint
Scab- Navy
Broadside- Blue

Sep 6, 2006Wesker

Awesome, I didn't get to try out my Ordnance's yet, but they are comfy :D

Sep 6, 2006Mart

They're white BBKs, not grey

UHF isn't a company, it's a brand name that Soap conjoured up, hence why the plates say 'UHF (tm)', not 'UHF, Inc' or 'UHF LLC'

Sep 7, 2006Jard39

i love my ordances

a great shoe i cant go anywhere nowdays without wearing them

Sep 7, 2006SapAuthor

Mart, it's debatable. My camera messes with the brightness, i have them in my hand, and they are more grey than white. I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being black 1 being white, it's about a 3.5ish. i's definitely grey not white though.

Sep 7, 2006AnthoFlex

Yea, sorry about that, lol

Sep 7, 2006AnthoFlex

Without getting cyber-smacked, i think they looks white.....if they ARE grey, thats gotta be the LIGHTEST (color) grey BBK i have EVER Seen ^_^

Sep 7, 2006Go2Crew

Hey Trev,
I have to agree, the BBK's did come in a medium grey, but the one's you show in the photo really look like white. But be happy, the whites are harder to find now days.

Now here's a quiz: in Soap Marketing parlance, anyone know what the trademark UHF was referring to? Give up?

Think about it: It was 1997 and Dan Rather, the CBS News anchor had just identified the guy who had accosted him back in 1994 and wailed on him, all the time asking him “Kenneth, what’s the frequency?” while kicking the crap out of him R.E.M had just completed their song satirizing Mr. Rather’s mishap with the lyrics “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” In the radio spectrum, UHF is ultra-high frequency band. Rolling in to 1998 and the marketing guys though it would be cool play on the words to designated Soap “Ultra-Hot Footwear” and trademark UHF. Those cleaver buggers!

Sep 8, 2006SapAuthor

Hey, i got a guy interseted in SOAPs, i'm thinking about selling him my size 12 ordnance since they fit him well, but are a bit tight for me, and instead i'll get the size 13. THat would be a good idea, yeah?

Sep 9, 2006Mart

Sounds good to me man

Sep 10, 2006arjay

What size should do you usually get? Just wondering because some shoes are smaller than the same size of another shoe. I havent got a pair of soaps yet so im not too sure.

Sep 10, 2006Mart

Go up a size

Sep 10, 2006arjay

If i wear a US11 would going up 1 size still be okay? Thanks.

Sep 10, 2006SapAuthor

well my size 12 express fit me like a glove, usually i'm a 12 or 13, guess in this case i'm moving up to a 13

Sep 13, 2006SapAuthor

>.< AHHHH i lost the ordnance flints *cry* There's no more size 13s, i got to wait to see if more come on ebay. That really blows big >.<

Sep 13, 2006arjay

haha bad luck.. how much did they go for? and how much did u bid?

Sep 14, 2006SapAuthor

odn't haha me :( that's really depressing. I bid up to 40, was goign to 45 but the bid ended before i could do it. They went for 41 or something plus shipping. I would have bid more but i never expected someone to have a high bid of that much. I just hope that isn't the last 13 ordnance they have in stock -.-

Sep 14, 2006arjay

you gotta consider that some ppl live in other countries and will pay a higher price to get them.. eg me!!! dont worry i didnt buy your ordnances.. but a pair of 12 were on my watch list. better luck next time

Sep 15, 2006SapAuthor

i hope i can get those 13s, having some non-expres plates would really help, to me it seems the express plate doesn't have enogh of a grind area, like the BBK plates are grindable on the entire surface, the ordnance you can only grind in the "V" there are elevated and bumpy ridges on the outside of the V that dont' go over well when it comes to friction.

Sep 16, 2006AnthoFlex

Those ordnance look good on you dude

Sep 16, 2006SapAuthor

i know, i want them -.- Size 12 is just too small for my feet, i would kill (well no really, but you get the point) for some ordnance flint 13s.
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