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Mar 13, 2012 by RamenRadio

Post your facebooks here for soapers to unite, also message me I wan t to make a new soap vid

Mar 13, 2012gongon1037

my facebook name is Daniel Gonzalez;) hit me up.

Mar 13, 2012RamenRadio

lol bro I requested you :P

Mar 13, 2012gongon1037

ur names Travis right? I'll be posting all my pic's and vid's on my FB page from now on. i hope to post a-lot for everyone on solidgrind to see:D

Mar 13, 2012sk8erx34

im under Steven 'Flip' Revelle

Mar 13, 2012RamenRadio

yup yup lol, Steve on fb you have 121 friends right? just letting you know I sent a request

Mar 13, 2012zelda

I don't have facebook, viva la revolution!!

Mar 14, 2012sk8erx34

nice zelda lol and i thought had like 200 lol idk when ill be on to except it but as soon as i am i will

Apr 2, 2012Relate2Videos

bump, Steve I think I requested the wrong "Steve" send me a request.

Apr 5, 2012zelda

dude why does everyone like Facebook nowadays

Apr 5, 2012gongon1037

Its easier to keep in contacted with everyone.

Apr 8, 2012Relate2Videos

lol zelda I don't like it anymore than you do, he's right though.

I agree with you though it was way better back in the day to just post on here.

Apr 8, 2012zelda

yeah seriously! I don't like facebook it just get's everything unorganized.
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Kyle Lefler hittin a Cheese Grater
Bart Johnson bustin a frontside in Tighty Whities
Bryndon with a royale on some bleachers
Herr Blunt hittin a Frontside
Dude sliding a rail on the Soap Van at the Summer Slam demo