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Please help!
Apr 20, 2012 by danieljack1887

hey im a new user and im a big fan of soaping. but i cant find a pair enywhere.
i bought heelys grind shoes just so i can grind with my shoes. but i want soap's. where can i get them?
BTW im willing to make grind shoes for friends and sell them. ill donate the money to soap

Apr 20, 2012gongon1037

Welcome to the club Daniel. It's Great to hear from new users. You can try looking for a pair on ebay, or you can find a pair on Kate Skates(there shoes are new, but expensive). I think they'll have the style and size you want. I plan on buying another pair very soon also

Apr 21, 2012danieljack1887

do you have an old pair that you can sell me?

Apr 21, 2012danieljack1887

and thanks for the welcome!

Apr 21, 2012danieljack1887

gongon1037 , i love you. they actualy sell to israel. man i love you.

Apr 21, 2012gongon1037

Im happy to help. However I don't have a pair I plan on selling any time soon, but don't worry It's better to have a new pair than an old beat-up pair. Im sure Kate skates has the pair u want.
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