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New Soaper
May 22, 2012 by abj288

I am also a new member, I had some White Express a while back. Recently got some Cleans, would also be interested in where to get new plates (BBK) and what new shoes people might have for sale

May 22, 2012gongon1037

Hey there! great to see another new member here. as for plates, what size are you? you can get a pair of bbk's size 5/6 and 7/8 on ebay.
so when did you start soaping?

May 22, 2012abj288

I started soaping back in the early 2000'sI thinki was in 6th grade or so then the shoes began to become hard to find and it all died off. Now I came upon some on eBay and got them. They are size 9 so I would need another size bbk plate.

May 22, 2012abj288

By the way there were a lot more soaps on eBay in the first of may and then they disappeared, anyone know what happened?

May 22, 2012abj288

It was all by the same seller

May 22, 2012gongon1037

soaps on ebay tend to come and go. new ones will eventually pop out again. they always do.

May 22, 2012gongon1037

but if ur looking to buy a new pair now then try kateskates.co.uk i bought two brand new pairs on that site and it was delivered in three days UK/US great service for me.
check out there shoes. they may have a pair u want, but the shoes are very expensive.

May 23, 2012RamenRadio

I have tons of grind plates, so bros and bbks. Are you interested?

Btw Dan your grind plates went out in express mail. Thanks for waiting bro I was on vacation

May 23, 2012gongon1037

Awesome! can't wait to try them out. this will be my first time using slo bros.

May 25, 2012abj288

Yeah im Interested once I wear out these plates

May 29, 2012Relate2Videos

sounds good bro, be sure to post some pics if you hit hand rails and make a crew :)
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