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Roll call
Oct 27, 2012 by Relate2Videos

whose here?

Oct 27, 2012danieljack1887

i'm here

Oct 28, 2012gongon1037

Whats up guys

Oct 28, 2012extremesoaper12


Nov 12, 2012winglessavian

I check every once in a while.

Nov 22, 2012rcondit

im here

Nov 27, 2012Revengasaur

STILL THUGGIN BITCHES. Just kidding. I'm here.

Nov 27, 2012Relate2Videos

^LOL that's funny. Now tell me who want's broadsides, because I haven't recieved many responses and this needs to be big if it's going to be done.

by the way I forgot, happy thanksgiving to you and your families!

Nov 28, 2012gongon1037

I'm still interested

Dec 21, 2012Revengasaur

Merry Christmas too dudes. Keep posting.

Dec 21, 2012Relate2Videos

for real happy holidays to you guys, it's good to still see some soapers around
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