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The Heelys Reflex.
Sep 11, 2006 by Surfaced


Sep 11, 2006Surfaced

IIm terribly sorry about this double post... my apologies.

Anyway, has anyone seen the new Reflex?

Well it looks like a Nike running shoe with a wheel in the heel. They've got the whole shock-absorbing thing going on.

Now maybe I'm getting this wrong, but could anyone explain to me what good shock-absorbing technology in the heel is, surrounded by wheel which touches the ground, while propping the sole up.

That's defeating the entire purpose. Even without the wheel, there is a solid plastic mold inside there.

Sep 11, 2006AnthoFlex

I saw them.....but im not into Heelys, sorry David

Sep 12, 2006SapAuthor

The platic cylanders are most likely hollow inside. When weight is applied to them, the cylander compresses, thus "absorbing" the shock, and then stiffening up to provide upwards "push" , although i don't know why you would need recoil for shoes where you roll instead of running.

Sep 12, 2006Mart

Shock absorbing technology is essentially a bubble of air to absorb some impact from landing. It does not 'stiffen up' when pressure is applied to it, that would defeat the entire purpose of it being there

Sep 12, 2006SapAuthor

mart, haven't you seen the nike shoes with the plastic slanted peices? In the commercial they show how it absorbs impact, but also "springs" you up. Just like if you jump on a mattress, it softens the fall but also bounces you back. whole equal and opposite reaction bit.

Sep 13, 2006Mart

Sorry Trev, but you are a fucking moron. Do you honestly think that a small piece of plastic located in the heel of a shoe has enough power to reverse the motion of a grown male? No, it doesn't, it's bullshit. And how can you compare it to a matress? A matress has a MUCH greater amount of spring to it than a piece of fucking plastic. All the plastic does is absorb pressure from a landing in conjunction with your rubber sole; you clearly have no understanding of Physics at all

It's idiots like you that the marketing team at Nike make those kinds of adverts for. This is exactly like toothpaste that 'releases oxygen bubbles' when you brush; a load of fucking bollocks
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