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Salomon X Factors size 9
May 21, 2013 by kowalski

3 pairs $34.99 each all size 9 delivered from Oklahoma.


May 21, 2013kowalski

The seller clearly doesn't know what they are.

He is advertising them as a sports athletic hiking casual tennis shoe!

I think he is just trying to include a bunch of keywords used in searches without knowing what this shoe is used for.

Would be funny if someone who enjoys athletic sports hiking and casual tennis bought them and kept wondering what the plastic bit in the arch was for.



May 21, 2013Relate2Videos

lol silly seller

May 24, 2013extremesoaper12

Just bought a pair, and now we wait... VERY IMPATIENTLY!!!! I NEED THEM NOW!!!!!!

May 24, 2013Revengasaur

This is dope. Everybody get some.

May 28, 2013extremesoaper12

Just got mine in the mail. Already got down a Mizou, Acid soul, and a Makio

May 29, 2013kowalski


Wish I had some. I'm searching daily for some size UK11. Might have found some if the seller agrees to ship them outside his country.

Link us some pics, man.

Jun 8, 2013kowalski


Jun 8, 2013kowalski

Also, these are all sold now. All 3 pairs.

We know extremesoaper12 got a pair. Who took the other two? Did you get some Revengasaur? And then maybe someone not on the forum.

When I bid for my Mr Wilsons there were 2 other bidders.

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

I didn't buy 'em, so no clue. I probably won't buy another pair of soap shoes until scorchers or broadsides are made again.

Jun 10, 2013Revengasaur

I did indeed get a pair. Not in my size, but at $40 I couldn't pass them up as a collectors item.

Jun 10, 2013kowalski

Respect, mate. What size shoe are you?

Throw up some pictures of your X-Factors please, too. There are so few images of them, it'll be real interesting to see really what the differences are between the X-Factors and the Mr Wilsons.

Aug 9, 2013rcondit

Man kowalski get me a pair in size 12 us ill give 200$ hook it up cant find these anywhere

Aug 10, 2013kowalski

I'll have a search, mate, and key you know if I come across any.

Aug 10, 2013kowalski

First though, have you tried the Australian shop? I seem to remember them having big sizes in a few shoe styles.

Aug 11, 2013rcondit

Is it australian shop.com? Ive been looking none stop thanx for the help.

Aug 12, 2013rcondit

Yeah I tried blade school I wrote them to see whats up.

Aug 12, 2013Revengasaur

These are amazing by the way. I wish I had ten pairs in my size.

Aug 12, 2013rcondit

Good for you bro there hard to find.
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