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Hasta la victoria siempre
May 28, 2013 by kowalski

Landed my first proper grinds today.

I was passing through University of Manchester on my way home and spotted a perfect (for a beginner), thin, low ledge jutting out from a raised platform.

I got close I could are others had lived this ledge too, it was heavily waxed; probably by skateboarders.

Learning from my recent fall I focused on keeping my body weight low and over my feet.

It took me a few attempts to hit it and when I did it felt fucking awesome. I stayed a while and did a bunch more. Some good, some bad. All Royales.

I love grinding.



Jun 4, 2013Revengasaur

That's a tight story. Just the simple joy of grinding on something. We all need to remember that it's all about fun.

Jun 5, 2013Relate2Videos

I cant help but notice youre doing quite well.

Jun 6, 2013kowalski

Thanks, y'all!

Soaping everyday at the moment. I've moved on to longer benches now, maybe going for about 5 meters on my best grinds. Still very hit and miss though.

I've been focusing a lot on landing obstacles on my left side today because I find it much easier on the right side and don't want to be the Derek Zoolander of Soaping.

I also found a discarded scaffolding pole when I was out and about. I'm gonna 'borrow' that as soon as the sun goes down and turn it into a rudimentary practice rail.

Not done a rail yet.

Jun 6, 2013Relate2Videos

shame you weren't around earlier, you would have been sponsored.

Jun 7, 2013Revengasaur

Hell yeah dude. Good work.

Jun 8, 2013zelda


Jun 12, 2013kowalski

Just got home from a killer Soap session.

I started out by spending about 10 minutes trying to balance on my grind plates on the corner of a ledge.

To maintain balance you have to bend your knees really low and stick your ass out behind you and have your arms just below shoulder height.

After a bit of work I can now hold it for about 3 or 4 seconds in either a flat footed stance or a Royale position to either side.

Then I just had some fun, running around the University gardens and grinding on everything and anything.

The balance practice really helped and I was able to grind longer and more consistently. Whereas previously I mostly stopped grinding because I leapt or fell forwards off the ledge, today I mostly stopped grinding because I ran out of momentum. I could really feel how much better lock-in I am getting with my rear, weight-bearing foot.

Go Soaping today!

Jun 12, 2013zelda

haha excellent get a vid up soon

Jul 11, 2013kowalski

I haven't written much in recent days because I have done virtually no Soaping.

I was in England for a few days and got a bit done with a mate (I'll post a clip soon). After that, I have been busy moving to Spain.

I think I have found a house and hopefully I will move in tomorrow. Then I can think about Soaping again.

Except, it is too hot here at the moment. Temperatures over 50┬░ during the day and it never gets below 30┬░ all night. So maybe I can handle a few minutes only. Skating is easier in this heat because you generate a breeze as you go.

In other Soap based news, I got my white Cleans in the post. I bought a size smaller because my 11s are a touch big.

The 10s are a touch small, but I am stretching them with a special shoe stretching tool I bought. So, hopefully, they will be the best fitting Soaps ever when I have finished.

Custom finished to my precise foot domestics.

Jul 30, 2013owgo124

haha thats pretty cool your custom fitting them (wow i seriously havent been on solid grind in like forever!)
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