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New Company
Jun 8, 2013 by zelda

What's the contact information for the new company?

Please post it here so each of us may contact them about it, it'd be great to get some organization here with all the new members, activity and such.

I say we put it to some good use. It would mean a lot, especially if it means seeing some of the better soap shoes models out again.

Jun 8, 2013kowalski

They are yet to reply to my e-mail so I shall send a follow up on Monday.

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

I second that motion. Also thanks for the link, I've never heard of this company before.

Jun 8, 2013zelda

sounds good guys

Jun 9, 2013zelda


phone: 646.564.2577
email: info@sequentialbrandsgroup.com

Best to call them. Tell your friends guys.

Jun 9, 2013gongon1037

also, if you call them ask them about the soapshoes website. show them u want that website back up. they said they where fixing the heelys site also, but lets convince SBG to bring the soap website first.

Jun 9, 2013Relate2Videos

yeah but at least heelys site is up, it seriously just looks like they removed the soap shoes website and I'm pretty ticked.

maybe also try contacting custserv@heelys.com

Jun 9, 2013zelda

the old website was cruddy but at least it was something it's so depressing they just took it down im definitely not standing for that

Jun 9, 2013mindreader

crap just saw this i'll call em tomorrow

Jun 10, 2013gongon1037


let your voice be heard
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