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Gone fishing ...
Jun 8, 2013 by kowalski

Caught one - https://plus.google.com/u/0/117462102635324515108/posts/RdvobMrRz22

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

lol Lee you're some kind of trooper.

Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

btw Lee I sent you a much shorter email, my bad for bothering you

Jun 8, 2013zelda

that's serious dedication

Jun 17, 2013kowalski

Jun 17, 2013kowalski

And maybe my other mate, Jynx, is getting some too come payday.

Jun 17, 2013kowalski

Growing the Soaping community from the grass roots.

Join me.

Jun 17, 2013Relate2Videos


Jun 17, 2013zelda


Jun 17, 2013jebus

with so many new people buyin soaps its nuts for sequential not to do anything

Jun 17, 2013mindreader

thats the way to do it
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Wasted Neighbor hittin a Drunken Frontside
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