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old solo session clips
Jun 8, 2013 by sk8erx34

i stopped soaping for a while but i broke em out last winter and started again. uploaded the raw session clips, just thought i would share lol, peace


Jun 8, 2013Relate2Videos

yeah bro I remember you. Break out your soaps again, if you read one of the threads Dan emailed the company that bought out HSL and might bring back soaps. they've been getting a lot of phone calls about it, maybe you should drop sequential brands a line about what shoes you want ;)

Jun 8, 2013zelda

do it do it doooo iiiiiit

Jun 9, 2013sk8erx34

i really need to lol, i want me some broads

Jun 9, 2013camaro126

I really need a practice rail that's longer like that. Mine's only like 5 feet....

Jun 9, 2013kowalski

Nice switch at 1:12 in the second video, man. I love that there is fresh content. Keep posting clips.

Soaping lives!

Jun 14, 2013sk8erx34

yeah, this rail was kind of a Frankenstein, started with one of those little 4 foot rail things you buy at a skate shop, dad was into HAM radios and had some pipeing left from a tower he built and i just fed the rail in the ends. worked wonders, love having it and its 14' if i remember correctly

Jun 14, 2013mindreader

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Ryan Armstrong hittin a Frontside
Chris Corrado hittin a Steep Frontside
Zach Larson hittin a Hittin a true unity.
David Plasse sliding a handrail and sportin the afro.
Wyatt Peterson busting a fastslide