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Contact Sequential Brands
Jun 9, 2013 by Relate2Videos

Hey guys how many people have contacted sequential about bringing back the broadsides?

I've only emailed them once and haven't bothered to call them because I didn't receive a response. Dan got word though that they're considering doing this after some calls.

What I'm basically saying is give them a call next week when convenient (lunch time?) and say you wanna see some broadsides.

Some friends that you know who are interested would definitely help.

Anyway hit me up on facebook guys. Peace

Jun 9, 2013zelda

you got it

Jun 9, 2013gongon1037

definitely get your friends to call them, tell them u want scorchers also.

Jun 9, 2013Relate2Videos

truth be told I'd just be happy to at least have just broadsides, but yeah scorchers would be amazing. Those shoes are like running shoes.

also contact them at custserv@heelys.com we need to get the word out guys, they're getting a ton of calls and now's our time to contact them like crazy

Jun 9, 2013zelda

i'm wondering if heelys would actually care though considering they were bought out and have no say. I'd say stick with messaging sequential a ton of times, but that's their email if you wanna do a little extra homework. custserv@heelys.com

Jun 9, 2013camaro126

I'd rather them produce the A-Side than the broadside. They're both great but the A-Side was never sold and they look great!
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Ryan Dawes hittin a Frontside on a big ol kinked rail.
Corey Desrochers hittin a Alley-opp Cheese Grater
Stefan D hittin a phat farfenugen
Derek Brooks hittin a Frontside
Thomas Lay's drawing of a sidewalk