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Jun 14, 2013mindreader

thinkin about buying these but i really want sum broadsides

Jun 15, 2013Revengasaur

Sorry to let you down homie, but unless SBG decides to re-release the broadsides in their (honestly unlikely) 2014 run of soap shoes, you're probably not going to find them even on Ebay. Some of the last broadsides sold for hundreds of dollars. I think over $400 for a pair in size 10. Any soaps are better than no soaps. I'm just saying don't wait on a nearly impossible hope to get in on the fun!

Jun 15, 2013kowalski

What Broadside said.

You could wait forever for a pair of Broadsides.

Buy a different pair of shoes.

Mr Wilsons and X Factors have sole plates, if a sole plate is essential for you, and they are actually available on the internet.

Also, they look a shitload nicer than the Broadsides.

Many many other Soaps are available too and from as little as £20.

Like Revengasaur said "Any Soaps are better than no Soaps" and there are some really nice shoes available.

You won't regret it. I bought a pair just to play with and now I have 5 pairs and my girlfriend has some Soaps too.

Jun 15, 2013kowalski


"What Broadside said" = "What Revengasaur said"

Jun 16, 2013Relate2Videos

sylons are cool man. yeah broadsides are awesome and they better be brought back soon but practice on the sylons for now first. they were also chris morris's favorite shoe too

Jun 16, 2013manofmisery

i agree might get these

Jun 16, 2013zelda

sounds like a plan go get 'em

Jun 16, 2013mindreader

ill think about getting the sylons i just wish i had something with a sole plate is all kind of messed up that they were discontinued so unfair

Jun 16, 2013jebus

jeez i have some competition for these shoes all of a sudden
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