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Jul 1, 2013 by LIGERZERO7

... Any tips for hitting ledges/curbs? Because everytime i try to go on a curb or ledge i just grind for like 1 second and just stop. Sorry if this is kind of a waste of space.

Jul 1, 2013zelda

You need to give more detail bro, but it sounds as if you need to run faster and wax it up more. It takes a lot of time to get used to that stuff.

Jul 1, 2013zelda

Also balance yourself better as you need to make sure your feet are spread apart enough for decent balance.

Jul 1, 2013LIGERZERO7

Great... I forgot all about wax... Sorry about the waste of space.

Jul 1, 2013LIGERZERO7

Well, speaking of wax, I heard about ledge butter and gulf wax. Which of the two is better?

Jul 1, 2013kowalski

I don't think I'll buy wax. So far I have just used candle wax, which works pretty well.

Or you could follow one of the youtube guides, which is just candle wax and a little butter melted in a pan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDhsX6t9pwQ).

Also, if you are walking somewhere that you haven't pre-waxed, a little wax on your grind plates works really well for about 6 or 7 grinds before wearing off.

Jul 1, 2013kowalski

There is a kid who even pours his wax into an old glue stick, so that he can have it in his pocket and it won't melt.

Then you just remove the cap, twist the bottom and apply your wax.

That is genius, now I get to carry wax with me all day, everyd day. I'm definitely doing that!

Gonna make some now.

Jul 1, 2013kowalski

Also, when I get settled in Cordoba in a few weeks, I'm just going to buy some cans of clear lacquer spray-paint and just blast all the decent curbs and ledges in my area in the dead of night.

Voila! (semi-)Permanent smooth ledges.

Jul 1, 2013Relate2Videos

Ligerzero7 both waxes work amazing, but work with whatever is cheaper or whatever you like best as your personal preference.

Other waxes may include, beeswax or parafin wax, ledge butter supposedly being a combination of the two.

Jul 1, 2013manofmisery

ive heard of gulf wax but no clue where to find or buy it

Jul 1, 2013mindreader

where do ubuy gulf wax

Jul 1, 2013kowalski

Gulf wax is paraffin wax, you should be able to get it at any household store.

Jul 1, 2013kowalski

Check it!

This is the Soaping wax I made today from a tealight candle, some petroleum jelly (i.e. vaseline) and an empty glue tube.


Jul 1, 2013kowalski

It took longer to draw on the Soap logo badly than to make the wax!

Jul 1, 2013LIGERZERO7


Jul 2, 2013Revengasaur

My fiance's parents make candles professionally, so I have access to pretty much all the paraffin and beeswax I could ever use. I currently have a 7lb peach candle that I'm slowly going through. Haha, I should hook you guys up on the sly.

Jul 2, 2013Revengasaur

Also, for those of you who have never waxed ledges much: You're going to be laying down a lot of wax to get a ledge to really grind properly. Ideally you want to coat about 2 inches into the top surface and face of the ledge, but concentrate on the edge the most for soaps. My recommendation is to bring a skateboard (trucks) or small metal bar that you can grind against the ledge to impress and melt the wax onto the surface. For rough surfaces that eat wax quickly, lay down a thick coat of wax, then grind it in thoroughly, repeat this process with the bar or trucks until your plates grind smoothly. (On some old or chunky concrete, or other rough non-concrete material you may have to repeat this process 10-15 times!) When you grind on your soaps you shouldn't feel a rough grating effect, but a nice constant slide, not as smooth as a metal rail, but with time and work it can feel close. If you are leaving behind a trail of plastic, or your plates show deep gouges, use more wax. Learn to handle the speed, even if it seems terrifying at first. Using this method you should be able (with speed) to grind the entire length of 10-20 foot sections of curb or ledge with little difficulty.

Jul 4, 2013camaro126

Is there any wax that doesn't leave a mark on the curb? I just don't like leaving it all colored with wax. I do have some red wax for red curbs though and it kinda blends in. lol

Jul 4, 2013kowalski

Any clear waxes won't leave a colored mark.

However, they still leave an visible grease line, that accumulates the plastic torn off the sole of your shoe as you grind and general dirt.

So it is always visible to some extent. In honesty though, I never noticed wax on a curb or a ledge until I started Soaping because it wasn't a feature of the urban landscape my eyes were trained to highlight.

So don't worry. Only people who grind even notice that shit.

Jul 5, 2013LIGERZERO7

A little late but happy 4th of July :D And this is kind of off topic but for grooves i heard a good groove is going through to the rubber of the shoe but... wouldnt that break the plate later on?

Jul 6, 2013LIGERZERO7

Oh... im stupid... i get this now lol

Jul 10, 2013Revengasaur

I once painted a parking block with asphalt paint in order to grind it on my skateboard. It was white paint left over from painting "STOP" in the middle of the street at a stop sign. I fished it out of a dumpster and painted this long parking block in the next town over. I did it in the middle of the night and nobody noticed, said anything or cared. It was sweet.

Sep 20, 2013Revengasaur

Bump for sweet wax ideas/info in this thread for the new dude.

Oct 3, 2014Revengasaur

And again.
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