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Aug 13, 2013 by zelda

how is your summer going guys?

Aug 13, 2013Revengasaur

Pretty good so far. It's hot as sin here in Northern California though. I'm glad I don't live in the sweltering wasteland that is the lower half of the state.

Aug 13, 2013kowalski

Moved nations to Córdoba, Spain. It is hot as fuck here also. Got air-con and Wi-Fi now and my girl arrives tomorrow, can't wait for that.

Apart from that been mostly eating tapas, drinking beer and getting high. A little rollerblading but no Soaping.

Only have one pair of Soaps with me and they are too tight. Still stretching them.

Aug 14, 2013gongon1037

summer is going good for me. I've been working nonstop the whole summer, but still soap when I get the chance. the weather has been perfect here in san diego, and great for soaping.

Aug 15, 2013VintageGMan

Summer is sweet over here in the UK, we've had some rain but inbetween work and family I've got to soap so no complaints. Still haven't got video finished tho, LOL.

Sep 6, 2013kowalski

The oppressive summer heat has backed off now.

Gonna finish stretching my slightly tight white Cleans and get out there.

I've missed Soaping pretty hard. So much fun. I hadn't even got slightly good before and it has been ages. I'm expecting to be pretty shit.

Or is it like riding a bike?

Sep 7, 2013gongon1037

It just takes some time and practice.

As soon as the heat dies down here im going to record some more spots as well.

Sep 9, 2013mcgrinder2011

Summer went fine for me. Now that I'm back in school though; I don't have as much free time on my hands. Still soap when I get the chance and I CAN'T injure myself very badly. Kinda sucks to live where there aren't a lot of rails around.
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