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wierd ass dream I had last night
Dec 18, 2013 by mcgrinder2011

so after I went to sleep, I instantly popped my eyes open to find myself in an unfamiliar school that looked like my school. I started in my economics class(or what looked like it anyway) demoing some new soaps with the pros. after a few minutes of grinding the desks, I checked to see exactly what shoes I had on and was a little weirded out at what I saw. the shoes were a pair of white Sylons with soles that changed with the tricks I was doing. when I was on the ground, they had the standard soles with a clean black bbk plate. I tried a Royale and the shoes made a groove for said trick. same with farfs and UFOs. I stayed away from torqued grinds and unities cuz I'm never that good in real life. once I got to sole grinds my plate manipulated itself to have the A-side sole with a slipknot plate. wierd huh? guess the anticipation for my Sylons is getting to my head.

Dec 21, 2013gongon1037

so your shoes morphed different shapes with each trick? That sounds futuristic, that would be badass to have a pair like that.

I had a dream once that I was at a football stadium where I was grinding down from the top of the stadium to the bottom. I got pissed off when I woke up :P

Dec 22, 2013mcgrinder2011

It does sound badass to have a pair of shoes that morph, too bad it's not real and we have to have multiple pairs. btw, that dream sounds awesome too.
*AT is cocky*

Mar 19, 2014mcgrinder2011

Had the dream again! only this time I was wearing my black Sylons and when I woke up, I was holding them to my chest through the blanket, sniffing the sole...

I'm crazy.

Mar 19, 2014LIGERZERO7

Nice,haha. That reminds I should try getting lucid dreams. Maybe that'll help with my soaping a bit.

Mar 19, 2014LIGERZERO7

*reminds me I~

Mar 20, 2014mcgrinder2011

Idk man, that dream was creeping ME out. And I'm not even that scared.
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