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Just got em.
Dec 19, 2013 by DirtyAdville420

So I just had these bad puppies touch down


Dec 20, 2013mcgrinder2011

Nice scabs bro. Where'd you get 'em?

Dec 21, 2013gongon1037

those scabs look great. the fun part will be grinding that sticker off.

Dec 21, 2013DirtyAdville420

I had a lot of issues finding anywhere that had them let alone ship to the USA. Rawk.com tells you they dont ship internationally but if you make the purchase through their ebay it works fine. I paid about 100USD after shipping from the UK. They are labeled new in box and seem in pristine condition. I'll let yall know more info on how they hold up after use. http://www.ebay.com/usr/rawk_skate_super_store I have been wearing a size US11 which is a UK10. I purchased a UK9 which is a US10 and they are just big enough

Dec 22, 2013mcgrinder2011

So I could probably purchase a uk 11 and they'll still fit me?(I wear us 13)

Dec 28, 2013DirtyAdville420

I couldnt find any uk10 or uk11

Dec 29, 2013zelda

My guess is it would work, but any of the pros would tell you the tighter the better for your shoes, you dont want to be sliding around in your own shoed on a 4 foot rail.

Dec 29, 2013zelda

Also the best thing would be to have you and your friends email sequential brands so they wake up, they released news of new soap shoes and so far all I see is new heelys. Freaking idiots.

Dec 29, 2013gongon1037

And they're ugly too, but we just need to keep reminding them. i'm gonna give them a few more calls when I get the chance, and start promoting again when I get off work.

Dec 29, 2013zelda

Yo da man

Dec 29, 2013mindreader

Ill be doing the same tomorrow when they open except ill call them nonstop haha

Dec 29, 2013manofmisery

Hahaha ill do the same! Cant wait for some broadsides

Jan 2, 2014DirtyAdville420

If they put out a new line, I'm ready to shoot a new Soap video for them. I'm in school right now for Digital Cinematography. I think a 2014 Soap video would be badass.
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Oliver Reed hittin a Royale down the S rail at Wash U
Bryndon hittin a backslide at the Cedar Rapids Soap Demo
Mike Sharp hittin a Frontside
Dunk hittin a Freestyle Backslide
Zach hittin a Royale